Rafting Photos FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions (6)

How can I see my South Fork American Pictures?

If you were not able to see your South Fork American photos when you were in town, please visit HERE to request your images to be uploaded.

Can I cancel my order once its been placed?
As all of our products are digital in nature, once a product is handed to the customer in our store or the order is shipped, it cannot be modified or cancelled
What is your shipping policy? How long until I get my order?
Image CDs are shipped via USPS 1-3 days after orders are placed. While they often arrive sooner, please allow the USPS one week for CDs to arrive. Since we ship First Class mail we are not able to track packages.
Can you track my package?
Orders are mailed First Class mail so we are not able to track the packages.
How much is shipping?
Domestic shipping is $5 and international shipping is $15. We also offer Dropbox downloads for $5 instead of shipping your order.
Do you offer image downloads or Dropbox?
Yes. Images can be delivered via Dropbox digitally when placing an order in our shop. This feature will be added to online ordering soon. The cost of this is $5.

Products (3)

What is included on an Image CD? What is the resolution of the files?
Our Image CD includes all the shots of your boat at the rapid(s) you order. The resolution of the images of your boat is the full res files exactly as they were shot in the camera - our cameras range in resolution from 5 megapixels to 10 megapixels. All our cameras are professional level digital SLRs. Images are all .JPG format to for ease of use and maximum compatibility.
What is the difference between an Image CD and a Single Image CD?
An image CD will contain ALL the images of your boat at whichever rapids you ordered where the single image CD is just that - a single image of that frame.
What are your products / prices?

Digital Image CDs:

First Rapid: $55 - Each additional rapid add $24 (price is per boat)

Single Digital Images:

$24 each