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Frequently Asked Questions

Team Sports Help Line: 1-877-688-7427 (for help viewing or ordering team photos.


Misplace Your Coupon?

Up until the date the coupon expires, you can fill out our Lost Coupon form below and we'll look it up for you. Be sure to fill out all of the fields! We will e-mail you the code to the address you provide. For additional questions about the coupons, e-mail us.



General Questions (6)

How do I order a Memory Mate?

Click on the individual photo you want to order – you can click an image from the full list of images or from your favorites (don’t click a team shot – that brings up a different set of products)

Click the green continue button above the larger photo on the right

This will bring you to the products page – you’ll notice there are 5 different tabs above the products… these are different product categories

Click the Gift-Specialty tab

The memory mate is the first in the list. Once you add the memory mate to the cart, you will be able to choose which team shot you want for it.

NOTE: If you are unable to find the memory mate be sure that you are clicking an INDIVIDUAL shot and NOT a TEAM shot. Team shots have a different set of products than individual shots.

Do I have to use my Memory Mate Coupon for a Memory Mate?
No, you may use it as a $ credit towards ANY product or package you want. Of course - If you use your coupon on other products you will not get a Memory Mate.
Do I have to place an order for "League Included Products"?
If you do not place an order you will not receive ANY products. You must place an order even to get your "league included" photos. *Please note: Not all leagues offer pictures as part of the registration.
Can I change my order after I hit submit?
No. Orders cannot be changed after they are submitted.
How much is shipping?

Total Sale Shipping Charge
From $0 to $6.55 $0-2.50 depending on event
From $6.56 to $14.99 $3
From $15.00+ $4

Placing An Order (5)

I never got a Memory Mate Coupon - what do I do?
Check with your coach: We issue a coupon for each child shot and hand them to the coach to distribute after the shoot. If the coach doesn't have the coupon fill out the form on ths top of this page. Note: If your child was NOT shot on picture day they do NOT get a photo coupon. If they are shot on a makeup day they will get a coupon at that time.
Can I apply more than one Memory Mate Coupon on an order?
You may ONLY use more than one Memory Mate Coupon if you are ordering for more than one child. To redeem more than one coupon, enter the code for the first coupon & hit the "Redeem" button. Then enter the second coupon code and hit the "Redeem" button. Please note: Only one coupon may be entered per child - if more than one coupon is entered, your order will be cancelled.
How do I order a photo?
Once you find your photo, you can order easily by clicking on the thumbnail-size proof of the picture you want to order. This will bring you to a shopping cart where you will fill in print size and quantity for that particular frame. 
Can I order two different photographs as part of a package?
No. To take advantage of the package pricing, each print within a package must be of the same image. However, almost all items are available "mix & match".
When should I receive my prints?

Print orders placed online will be mailed to you directly. Orders are usually printed within 24-48 hours and shipping takes 1-2 weeks.

In order to keep our shipping times low, we ask that you do not call to check the status of your order until it has been three weeks from when you placed your order. 

My prints have not arrived, what should I do?
If you have not recieved your photos three weeks from when you ordered them, please call our customer support line at 1-877-688-7427. In order to keep our shipping times low, we ask that you do not call to check the status of your order until it has been three weeks from when you placed your order. 

Accessing Proofs (3)

I can't find my photos... what can I do?
Send us an e-mail and we can point you in the right direction.
I am having trouble viewing or ordering the images... what can I do?
Call our support line at 1-877-688-7427. They will help you with the ordering process. Please note: This number is for team sports photos only.
The gallery asked for a "PIN" - what should I do?
You will be asked for a "PIN" if you do NOT have cookies enabled. To view your pictures you must enable cookies. To do this in internet explorer: Go to the "tools" menu - select "internet options" - then click "privacy" on top. You can now move the privacy tab to a lower level. If you need more help with this call our support line at 1-877-688-7427 and ask them to help you "turn on cookies".

Products (3)

What is a Memory Mate?
A memory mate is a 3x5 of the individual participant and a 5x7 photo of the team. The 2 images are on 8x10 size photographic paper.
How will the photograph be cropped for enlargements?
As photographs are enlarged, the height/width ratio changes, so the print you receive may require cropping from the pictures' edges. Please note: Our ordering software now allows the end user (you) to crop the images on almost all the products we offer... Be sure to crop your images when you order! 
Can I make copies of my prints or the images online?
Hotshot Imaging own the copyrights of the photographs on this site. Except as otherwise required by applicable law, you may not reproduce, distribute, modify, retransmit, or publish any copyrighted material without the express written consent of the copyright owner, including, without limitation, print or electronic reproduction, publication or any display of photography. Digital image downloads: If you purchase a "Digital Image Download" you have the right to reproduce and distribute the images for personal use only. This includes the right to print & e-mail images.